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Btw. To Everyone who is terrified to speak in public especially WOMEN, Please know you can do it.  I would have rather have died in a ditch 5 years ago but thanks especially to the lovely @sarahquistmuisc, I now just refuse to be (too) Scared. 

Carole Cadwalladr Investigative Journalist for The Guardian and The Observer.

Sarah was the difference for me doing a good talk to what I hope was a very good one... She spent time making us individually feel confident and aware, connect with each other to share the nerves and must importantly own our independent styles once up on stage. Her (very) funny and charming personality made your nerves disappear instantly and her practical tips and advice were adopted by everyone with much success. She made TEDx Camden what it was, and every speaker who attended her workshops would say the same.

Daniel Murray

Co-founder Grabble

Sarah has made me feel comfortable and prepared for the talk. She gave valuable insight into the talk, the key points to highlight, the tone and speed of voice as well as movement on stage. Her dedication to her work and her positive attitude made these coaching sessions an unforgettable experience.

Andreia Trigo

As head curator, she was in charge of our training and preparation sessions. Sarah's unique gift is to blend a high-level of professionalism with incredible warmth and attention for each person. She took a group of speakers with a wide range of speaker-preparedness, quickly created a comfortable and supportive group atmosphere and, through a series of varying activities and practices, brought us all to place of confidence and performance that was truly impressive. She has a large tool-box of approaches, adjusting to individual needs deftly. In Sarah's capable hands, I was able to take risks and and develop my own critical understanding of how to best present my ideas. Her work as an actor is obvious in her presence and presentation; she offers generously her performance skills and knowledge for use in her workshops. It is due to Sarah's excellent work that I was able to present a challenging speech with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Toby Brothers

The London Literary Salon

If it wasn’t for Sarah, I wouldn’t have had a clue about how to give my TEDX talk.  There’s something about Sarah’s calmness that radiates through every word she says.  And every word is directional, supportive and focused on making you better than you think you can be.  I felt that it was a real privilege to work with her, and certainly hope to do so much more going forward.

Georgia Arnold

MTV Staying Alive

"Sarah's competitive advantage is her experience on stage and expertise on what you have to do to engage and connect with the audience; be it verbally using the right pause, tone, eye contact and body gestures. She really knows what will work and what doesn't "

Dhruv Boruah

Founder, The Thames Project

“ I believe in myself so much. I now feel like I have unique qualities to offer,

just by being me. But confidence is the main gift I have received.

Confidence, preparation and focus.




Jolie Sharpe

Presenter and live Selling Host

From the very first-time meeting with Sarah I noticed a big difference in the way I performed. Sarah is driven with such a passion and love for what she does that I instantly felt inspired. Sarah is gentle when giving improvements, yet powerful when giving praise. I have had the privilege of working with Sarah for the best part of a year, and having Sarah’s leadership, guidance and support has allowed me to grow into the presenter I am today. Sarah is patient, kind and exceptionally talented; a wonderful teacher to learn from!

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