My Approach

I believe that everyone has something to say and their own unique way of saying it. I work to bring out the YOU in your speech.  I use my twenty years plus experience as an actress and performer to help bring out the most in your delivery. When we speak it needs to be like a piece of music that takes the audience on a journey. We need to connect the words with our intentions and make sure that they land. I will work with you on Voice, Presentation, Body language, Elocution, Nerves,  Confidence and Stage Craft


Speaking in public for most people will take them out of their comfort zone and that, as we all know can be a little nerve wracking. One of the things I like to look at in sessions is, what do we if something goes wrong? How do we deal with it? My sessions are fun and lively and by using  the tools of an actor I can help you to engage your audience by being a great story teller. . I offer one to one, group sessions and courses in person or online. I also operate a pay what you can session every few weeks.

Tips n bits

1) first thing to know is that everyone in the world gets nervous. But it's how we respond to nerves that makes the difference.


Think about being nervous what happens? Our heart quickens, shortness of breath, anxiety, perspiring etc. If you associate these feelings with fear it can be scary


Instead think about when else you've had those feelings? Often when you go on a date or your about to meet someone amazing. You have the very same thing happen to you but at those times you choose to call it excitement. So every time you think about being nervous, think of it as being excited instead. Make it a strong association in your mind.


2) If you are using a clicker or props, every time you click or pick up a prop remind yourself to let go of the tension you're holding in your belly and breathe.


3) If you feel there might be bits you dry on there a couple of things you can do. Write out the trigger words in your talk in a bright colour. Each different point that you may forget in a different colour. Only chose the major ones as you don't want to have to many in your mind.


You can also try using points in the room and placing words in those positions in your head. Such as when you see a particular plant it reminds you of "United Nations" for example.


4) Always try to find your smile. When you smile it relaxes everyone around you. If you go wrong or dry, smile and embrace it, give yourself  a moment to find yourself.


5) Enjoy yourself. Look out and see friendly people who want to hear what you have to say.