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sarah quist, black and white  speaker coach



Public Speaking Coach
with a difference.

Carole Cadwalladr Investigative Journalist for The Guardian and The Observer.

"Btw. To Everyone who is terrified to speak in public especially WOMEN, Please know you can do it.  I would have rather have died in a ditch 5 years ago but thanks especially to the lovely Sarah quist, I now just refuse to be (too) Scared."


Currently all work is online​​​

  • Executive Speaker Coaching,

  • One to One Public Speaking Coaching,

  • Best Man/Person Wedding Speech Coaching, 

  • TED Curation and Speaker Coaching

  • Delivering Projects/Presentations for work

What We'll Work On

  • Speaking in Public

  • Intonation

  • Flow of speech

  • Nerves

  • Confidence

  • Tips for not forgetting your words.

  • Pronunciation

  • Elocution,

  • Stage Craft and Delivery for Singers and Spoken Word Artists,

  • Being comfortable in front of a camera for, Video Presentations, Work Presentations, Podcasting, Poetry, Speeches and Platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. 

  • Setting up your camera for your presentation.

  • Feeling your fear and doing it anyway.

  All sessions are bespoke.



Why is it Different?

Because I am professionally trained Actor and a Public Speaking Coach with many  years of experience treading the boards and coaching Speakers around the world.  I will help to help you stand out  when speaking in Public and,  feel confident that you can do the job, and enjoy it. If you want to improve these courses, workshops and one to one sessions are for you.

Everyone gets  nervous when speaking in public including actors, but over the years we develop tricks and tools to overcome self doubt and fear, and I will share the techniques I have discovered during my carer.


Are you nervous about speaking in public? Are you looking for public speaking training course?

Are you worried about being too nervous and  forgetting your words?  Are you concerned about sounding flat or not sounding professional?  Are you fed up of shyness holding you back?  Wondering what to do with your hands? And do you wan to feel confident in front of an audience?.  

Well if so, then I am here to help. I  genuinely love coaching and seeing people come out of themselves.

Who am I? 

My name is Sarah Quist and I am a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)  trained professional actress who has been coaching people from all walks of life and for different occasions for many years.

I am an actress, Public Speaking  Coach, TED Talk Speaker Coach,  TEDX Curator, Director, Workshop Leader ,Voice Over Artist and a Singer/Songwriter.

I am also a Co-founder of Creative Awakenings a company that offers courses and workshops and works closely with Businesses, Educational places and local the community . We run a range of courses from Dramatherapy, Dynamic Interviewing Technique, English as a second Language and others.

Quist coaching client, Daneil Murray , TEDx Camden

"Sarah was the difference for me doing a good talk to what I hope was a very good one... She spent time making us individually feel confident and aware, connect with each other to share the nerves and must importantly own our independent styles once up on stage. Her (very) funny and charming personality made your nerves disappear instantly and her practical tips and advice were adopted by everyone with much success. She made TEDx Camden what it was, and every speaker who attended her workshops would say the same."

Daniel Murray

Co-founder Grabble

Daniel Murray TEDx Camden


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